pypi package

To release a new version of the cxsystem2 in pypi, you should first update the version. The version of the cxsystem2 are read from the __version__ variable available in cxsystem2/ If you update this variable, all other references to the version number will be updated globally.

We will use the following versioning format for the 3rd number, from software versioning in wiki:

0 for alpha (status)
1 for beta (status)
2 for release candidate
3 for (final) release

For instance: instead of 1.2-a1 instead of 1.2-b2 (beta with some bug fixes) instead of 1.2-rc3 (release candidate) instead of 1.2-r (commercial distribution) instead of 1.2-r5 (commercial distribution with many bug fixes)

After updating the version number, make sure twine package is installed:

$ pip install twine

Then go to the root of the repository, and create the new distribution:

$ python sdist bdist_wheel

Finally upload the new package to pypi:

$ twine upload dist/*

At this point you will be prompted for the username and password for the cxsystem2 pypi account.